Monday, December 22, 2014

Cancer Survivor Credits Dog for Survival

Cancer survivor credits a rescue hound dog for living through cancer to become a survivor.  Ms. Julie Risoldi has a theory of survival that goes like this.

"I'm not saying the love of a dog can save everyone from cancer spreading, but I do believe that the endorphins produced when hugging a furry friend creates a positive atmosphere inside the body that helps tremendously," says Ms. Risoldi.  My dog Willie D. made my journey more bearable.  I love his big brown eyes, and they gave me joy in a time when I really needed it.

People with cancer can become depressed when facing chemo, radiation, surgery and the gaunt of impending stressful testing.  The body produces stress hormones in response.  Ms. Risoldi believes when hugging an animal, the response is good for the body helping it to fight cancer.

Her conclusion:  Everyone needs something furry to snuggle during cancer.  Animals intrinsically know when someone is sick and suffering, and many offer the love necessary.

+Marietta Vet Clinic welcomes pet stories to the blog.  +Julian Peckich DVM invites new pets, both dogs and cats to become patients to the animal clinic.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hot Item Holiday Raffle for Shelter Dogs and Cats

+Marietta Vet Clinic and +Verde Pointe Dental Associates have announced a raffle for shelter dogs and cats to be held Tuesday, December 23rd.
You could win one of these for a dollar!
The winner will receive a Philips DiamondClean Sonicare Toothbrush, and all proceeds will benefit Tigg Neuter Project, a Cobb County non-profit organization that spays and neuters shelter pets.

 The goal is to reduce the number of intake pets coming into the local shelter needing homes by continued efforts to spay and neuter.  

"Euthanizing healthy dogs and cats because they don't have a home is heart breaking.  We have joined efforts with Verde Pointe Dental Associates and the Tigg Neuter Project to make a difference," says Dr. +Julian Peckich DVM from Marietta Vet Clinic.  "Both offices are committed to help."

Dentists, +Kirk Kimmerling DDS+Suzanna Aguilera DMD and +Garrick McGrath DMD have donated the toothbrush for the raffle, as it seems to be a hot item that people get excited about.

"Anyone can participate by stopping in either office and buying a ticket.  They are $1 for one chance to win, and $5 for 6 chances to win," say Dr. Peckich.  The winner gets to decide the color of brush they want: white, black or pink.  Each are the latest DiamondClean model with a sleek travel case and charger glass.

Both offices believe in community service, so they plan on devoting time and effort towards the unwanted animals of Cobb County and beyond.

If you are looking for a dentist or veterinarian in Marietta, look no further.  Both offices are located in the same office park at Verde Pointe Professional Park in Marietta, GA.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pig Thrown Off Flight

It has become common place for airlines to accommodate animals on pedestrian flights.
Marietta Vet Clinic Can Help Flying Pets, Dogs, Cats and Pigs
Add caption
However, when a pet becomes unruly, it becomes a hazard.  A US Airways flight ordered a disruptive pig off the plane, when a passenger brought the pig for emotional support.  Both left the plane per Laura Masvidal, a spokeswoman for US Airways because of the disruptive behavior.

A fellow passenger, Jonathan Skolnik told the Associated Press that a duffel bag had an odor that clarified the situation.  "It's no duffel bag but a rather stout PIG...on a leash," he wrote in an email. "Am I dreaming."  He estimated the pig weighed between 50 to 70 lbs according to ABC News.

"The pig is incontinent," he told AP.  The animal was running back and forth on the plane, as the owner tried to clean up after her pig.

Emotional support animals are permitted on commercial flight only if thy are not disruptive, per the U.S. Department of Transportation, Masvidal said.

Contributing:  The Associated Press

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM are happy to give advice on pets, dogs, cats, etc that are taking a flight soon.  The animal clinic can help make the flight better for the animal, the owner and others a board.  Also specializing in dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, and general well care.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Cookies Sold to Benefit Homeless Pets

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, +Julian Peckich DVM are at it again. The pet clinic has pumpkin spice cookies for a donation to the Tigg Neuter Project in the Marietta.

"Thanksgiving is a bountiful time for many, so we decided to offer delicious  pumpkin spice cookies, accepting donations to help Tigg Neuter Project with spay and neuter efforts," says Dr. Peckich.

The clinic has had successful fund raisers for needy animals before, so they plan to offer baked goods for a donation throughout the holiday season. 

Marietta Vet Clinic is happy to support the Tigg Neuter Project, as their mission is  to lower the number of intake animals at Marietta animal control through a spay/neuter campaign.  It is this same effort that Dr. Peckich whole-heartedly supports.

The pet clinic offers affordable pet vaccinations to cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.  
Dr. Julian Peckich DVM believes all pets can live a healthier, happier life with proper pet care.
Pumpkin Spice Cookies for
Shelter Dogs and Cats

Every Penny Helps the Shelter Pets

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Americans Have Passion for Dogs Home and Abroad

Americans are known all over the world to be giving and compassionate nation, and the compassion doesn't stop with humans, it includes animals.

There are many American groups working on behalf of animals abroad.  Let's take a look at two, worthy of support.

A rescue organization is assisting the US military men and women in bringing home pets from war. The Puppy Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization out of Celina, Texas helps soldiers reunite with pets from abroad. Dogs are brought to America to live out their lives with the soldiers that love them. The mission has a heart for country and the furry.

The plight of stray dogs during the Sochi winter Olympics took the heart of millions of Americans. Ten lucky Russian dogs were brought to the USA via Washington's Dulles Airport this past March, thanks to the animal welfare group, Human Society International. Animal welfare groups have been able to work with Russian government for a more human way to deal with animal control.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM salute animal advocacy groups.  It would be the animal clinics great pleasure to welcome new pets, meet the owners and take care of the animals. Welcoming dogs and cats, puppies and kittens to the pet clinic for dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, general wellness exams, diagnostic testing, laboratory testing, and medical relief for sick animals.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't Look a Pink River Dolphin in the Eye

River dolphins with pink coloring swim the Amazon, Araguaia/Tocantis and Orinoco river basins of
South America.  Legend has it that making eye contact with the river dolphin will result in a lifetime of nightmares, and perhaps the intervention of a local shaman can help break the spell.

River dolphins are the largest fresh water dolphins in the world up to nine feet long and weighing up to 300 pounds.  Females are typically larger than males.  They are known for a light gray or carnation pink coloring and long beak with molar-like teeth.

If you have a dog or cat that is causing nightmares not by spell, but in behavior, Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM can help.  Specializing in healthcare, pet vaccinations, sick pet care for the dogs in cats in Marietta, GA.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dog Named Adam Allergic to Humans

It is a known fact that some people are allergic to dogs, but a dog out of Indianapolis named Adam is
allergic to people, as told by the staff at Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue.  The rare condition has plagued the black lab, but thanks to a local veterinarian, help is on the way.

The rescue group has treated may dogs for heartworm and other devastating conditions, but this pup came as a surprise when it was declared allergic to people.  After Adam was declared free of fleas, given special veterinarian baths twice weekly, and fed he best food possible, the rescue group looked for a different answer.  

A local veterinarian gave Adam a blood test confirming the unique allergy to human dander.  A treatment, or special serum will be given and recovery expected.

If your pet has a skin condition that comes and goes, or just never clears up, perhaps time time for a trip to the veterinarian office.  Your vet can offer advice on what to do to help your dog.  Sometimes, simple recommendations such as food that can make a big difference in the quality of life. 

The shelter raised the money to save Adam. Donations to Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue can be given to the shelter in the name of Adam or other needy animals.

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM are happy to help dogs with allergy conditions.  Accepting new clients and their dogs with a full range of veterinary services. #MariettaVetClinic  #JulianPeckichDVM #JulianPeckich #VeterinaryServices.  #dogallergies 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Doggy Dating Show is a Big Hit in China

Chinese TV's Jiang Su TV has a doggy dating hit television show on their hands. 
The first dating show for dogs has proven a big hit in the country.  It's a spinoff from a human dating show, but for dogs.  The matchmaker program is out to impress other dogs and the owners.  Canines are dressed up while displaying special talents to put their best foot forward. Ironically, the dog's home and family life is apart of the show to help make the best choice. 

Special guests and judges keep the show lively, as the ratings are and have stayed high.  The Chinese are thrilled with the new show, as it's success is apparent.  It can be watched online at JSTV.

Perhaps the show will turn into a spinoff in the United States.  It's a way to have fun with the animals in which we share the world. 

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM welcome new pets to the animal clinic.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rescue Dogs Make the Best Sport Pals

Dogs Make Great Companions for Sporting Events
It's fall, and for many of us, the sports season has begun. If you are not the type to go to the games because you don't  like crowds, don't have the extra money, transportation, or just prefer to watch at home, this Marietta veterinarian has a suggestion for you. 

Get a rescue dog to share the games. No better friend than a dog to scream, hoot and holler with during the exciting moments. Animals of all sizes will love the weekly activity.

Adopting is the best way to get the best sports buddy you'll ever have.

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, +Julian Peckich DVM  has an affordable has an affordable pet vaccination clinic at his West Cobb office every Saturday from 9am to 1pm.  It's an affordable way to bring your new sports buddy home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Recycling Feeds Stray Dogs and Cats in Istanbul

It's a new concept aimed at getting people to recycle and feed the local stray dogs.  Recycling
machines are now accepting people's bottles in Istanbul, Turkey and dispensing dog food and water at the bottom.  A company called Pugedon has been granted permission to accept bottle for recycle to pay for the dog food dispensed for strays at the bottom.

The new machine is aimed at feeding an overwhelming number of stray dogs and cats roaming the city.  With over 150,000 stray animals, Pugedon uses the profits to feed the animals.  Many local residents take upon themselves to also feed the dogs and cats.  

The machine is quite simple.  Every time someone dispenses a bottle, food automatically dispenses out the bottom. 

Strays in Instanbul have been a considerable problem for years.  Currently, authorities round up the cats and dogs for animal vaccinations, spay and neuter, then releases them back to the community.  Many of the residents enjoy the animals and others find them a nuisance.

The machines are not funded by the government, but by donations of bottles alone.  Perhaps the rest of the world could copy the novel idea.

Marietta Vet Clinic, veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM applaude Pugedon for taking care of the stray cats and dogs in Istanbul.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Zonkey Born in Crimean Zoo

A zebra and donkey produced a "zonkey" or "zebroid" at a zoo in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. 
The Taigan Zoo named the new arrival, Telegraph, as he has the brown body of a donkey and stripes on the legs of his zebra Mother.  Although this type of mating is rare, especially with the mother being a zebra, it is not unheard of.  Breeding of hybrids is usually frowned upon by the zoo community, as preserving species is a main concern.

The zebra was moved in with other hoofed animals after zoo officials determined her lonely.  She took to the donkey.  Telegraph was named after a local newspaper.  Telegraph is popular with visitors according to zoo director, Oleg Zubkrov.  Telegraph has made quite a splash around the world.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and +Julian Peckich DVM welcome new pets to the animal clinic.  Affordable pet vaccinations, dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations and pet care available.

"Telegraph is very popular with visitors" who can watch him romping around with his mother, according to zoo director Oleg Zubkov.

Read more at:
"Telegraph is very popular with visitors" who can watch him romping around with his mother, according to zoo director Oleg Zubkov.

Read more at:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mysterious Creature Roams California Neighborhood

A strange "lion-like" beast has been caught on a surveillance camera in Norwalk, CA.  The animal has struck fear in the surrounding areas, as wild life experts have ruled out the mystery creature as a mountain lion.  The film footage has the community on high alert and taking precautions.

The footage shows the gate of the animal similar to a cat, however, the size is much larger.  Some believe it to be a dog such as a Rottweiler or pit bull.  It's been suggested that perhaps someone has the exotic pet illegally, and other have suggested that local construction has sent the creature into the neighborhood.

The goal is to capture the animal and put it in a safe place.  For the time being, everyone should take precaution in protecting themselves, their families and family pets. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Diabetics are Happier and Healthier with a Service Dog

Canine constant companion dogs can be trained to alert people with diabetes of pending problems. These canine advocates are able to alert people when blood sugar is off even before they may know.  It helps remove worries such as collapsing before an insulin injection, or suffering a coma while asleep.

A canine constant companion is a highly trained dog that lives and travels with a diabetic person.  The dog alleviates some of the associated worry from the peaks and valleys.

Each dog is valued at about $30,000, however the recipients usually do not pay that high amount.  The dogs are extensively trained, and only a handful of facilities train such dogs. Dogs4Diabetics is one of those facilities.  Currently, they have placed 85 dogs with several more scheduled.  Applicants go through a month long process to get a dog, and most only pay a $150 application fee.

Although, service dogs are not for everyone, for those they serve, it's a great relationship both medically and psychologically.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM understand the importance of keeping a service dog in peak health.  It would the the animal clinic's great pleasure to welcome service dogs to the veterinarian practice.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weddings Are Now Including the Family Dog

More and more, weddings are including the family dog. It's a joyous occasion, so why not include everyone you love. Don't worry about others, it's your day, so make it your way!
You're Looking at the Best Man!

Statistics show that couples are waiting longer and longer to get married, and many already have a dog.  So, when a wedding takes place, it's hard not to include them.

Let's take a look what's happening at the weddings.

Many dogs are dressed in couture to match the wedding.

Many dogs are now the ring bearers, and walk down the isle.

A Few Tips to help the wedding run smoother.

Hire a dog sitters for the rehearsal dinner and day of the wedding. It'll help everything run smoother.

The dog sitter should feed the dog early in the day to lessen the likelihood of a bathroom disaster. 

The dog sitter should take the dog out for a long walk to released energy early in the day. 

Remember, not every dog is wedding material, especially those suffering anxiety, aggression or phobias. Perhaps having him in a few pictures could suffice.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian +Julian Peckich welcome new patients to the animal clinic.  Seeing both dogs and cats at the Marietta location for spay and neuter, well care, pet vaccinations, sick pet care, in-home euthanasia, general wellness exams, medical relief for sick animals, spay and neuter clinic, pet teeth cleaning.  Appointments available.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let Marietta Vet Clinic Brush Your Dog's Teeth with a Sonicare For Kids

Most pet owners realize that the family dog can benefit from excellent oral hygiene.  It not only gives your dog better breath, but overall better health.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM  in conjunction with +Verde Pointe Dental Associates , +Kirk Kimmerling DDS and +Suzanna Aguilera are hosting the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush For Kids and Dogs Healthy Mouth Campaign July 4th Week.

The event offers free teeth brushing for dogs at the pet clinic with the Sonicare For Kids. It's a test run to see if your dog or puppy will tolerate the brushing before you purchase the brush.   "Many puppies do well if started at an early age,"

Verde Pointe Dental will offer demonstrations of the Sonicare For Kids to parents, as children come in for routine cleanings, exams and dental procedures.

Need more info on the event?  Click here for details.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Rescue Dog Survives a Difficult Start to Life after being Left Behind

Ruski, a red haired rescue dog faced a difficult start to life, but thanks to a good Samaritan with a heart for
Rescue Dog After 10 years
animals, a miracle happened.

Ruski was left behind, starving, underweight, missing hair, riddled with worms, and just lost pups. It's a story about a dog that survived a horrible start to life and serious health issues until a humanitarian stepped up and took the time to help a dog that no one wanted.  The Samaritan gained Ruski's trust and began healing her wounded body and heart. 

Ruski was abandoned, alone and outside in the cold month of January. Temperatures had plummeted into the low 20's, and she was threatened by starvation. Her fortune turned when a good Samaritan decided to make a difference.

Ruski was taken to a veterinarian that diagnosed her with a dim prognosis of end stage of heart worm. Although she lived, it was a sad and difficult journey.  Ruski is healed and is now living a safe and wonderful life.

Marietta Vet Clinic urges people to consider adopting a pet before shopping.  If you are ever confronted with a situation that you can help a pet in need, be a good Samaritan.  

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM believes that the success of the rescue dog should be shared.    

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fourth of July Can Stink for Dogs But A Few Tips Can Help

Your Dog  and the Fourth of July
Although the Fourth of July is festive and full of celebration for people, generally it's not the best day of the year for the family dog.  More pets are lost on the Fourth of July, than any other day in the year, and shelters are a busy place every July 5th.

A few simple tips can ensure a good holiday for both people and pets.

1. Leave your pet at home for the festivities.  There's
    not many pets that enjoy the loud firecrackers.

2. Take the dog out for exercise early in the day before the party begins.

3. Make sure your dog has a tag with updated information.

4. Keep your dog away from fireworks, glow sticks and festive decorations.  Many dogs will ingest festivities with dire consequences.

5. Have friends play with the dog away from the grill preventing an accident.

6. Keep a current photo on hand of your dog for flyers and social media.

7. Keep your dog hydrated, as they can suffer heat strokes, much like people.

All and all, the Fourth of July and pets generally don't mix well.  It's best to keep the family dog home, close the drapes, blinds and go by yourself.  Pets generally do not associate the noise, flashes and loud bangs of fireworks with fun.  If you need a veterinarian in Marietta, +Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM would be happy to see your pet.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crappy Flight Forces Emergency Landing

A May 28, cross country flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, US Airway 598 was forced into an permeated the plane.  The culprit was a service dog that pooped in the isle during the flight.
Trapped Passengers with Dog on Crappy Flight
unscheduled landing after a horrific smell

According to passengers aboard, the horrible aroma began after about an hour into the flight.  The smell became unbearable for many.  There were people dry-heaving and others throwing up. Unfortunately,  the flight crew cleaned up the mess, and the dog did it again. The crew ran out of cleaning supplies.The flight made an emergency landing in Kansas City, Missouri. It was cleaned up at landing, and the service dog was re-booked on another flight.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM welcome new pets to the veterinary clinic.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's Take a Look at the Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers known as the “Little Devil with a Moustache” is one of the most ancient toy breeds
originating from central Europe.  These dogs were kept around farms to chase away the mice or rats.  Originally from Munich, Germany and France this terrier breed was bred down in size to become a companion.  They are officially a part of the AKC toy group and have a strong resemblance to the terrier group.

The affenpinscher breed weighs between six and thirteen pounds.  They can stand anywhere between nine and twelve inches high.  Their fur is a wirey rough texture that can grow long.  Although this breed is known to shed a lot it still needs to be brushed and groomed to keep up hygiene.  The fur can get matted is not properly maintained so daily home grooming is highly recommended especially if the fur is at a longer length. This breed has coats that are mostly all black but there are mixes with red, silver, grey, tan or beige.  All colors and mixes are accepted by the AKC for affenpinscher terrier breed.   This breed is known to live a median of eleven years with great health.

It’s important to get yearly checkups with a veterinarian to ensure the dogs health is on track.  The veterinarian can also give great tips on how to improve health is needed.  Make sure to jot down question before the appointment to ask if there are any concerns.  Affenpinschers are known to be sometimes mischievous, fun loving personality.   This breed is great house pet and has the intelligence to be trained properly according to the family’s needs or schedules.  There small size makes them and ideal for an apartment.  They are very active and love to go for walks.  This breed is usually great with other dogs if more than one is on the agenda.  This breed is very loving and will become a great companion with lots of love.

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian in Marietta, +Julian Peckich DVM are happy to welcome affenpinschers to the pet clinic for dog vaccinations, well care, and sick care.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Interesting Dog Facts That You Probably Don't Know

  • Many people are not aware that a dogs normal body temperature is between 100.5 to around 102.5
    A Few Interesting Facts about Dogs!
    degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Female dogs only carry their puppies for about 60 days till birth.
  • Most adult dogs have forty two teeth at maturity.
  • 1 in 3 families in the United States own dogs.
  • The only sweat glands dogs have are in between their paw pads.
  • The most popular dog names are Maggie, Molly, Jack and Max.
  • All Dalmatians are born pure white.
  • Puppies are born toothless, blind and deaf and very dependent on their mothers.
  • Dogs develop the touch sense first because their bodies including paws have super sensitive nerve endings.
  • It takes eighteen or muscle for a dog to move its ears.
  • There is an estimate of five hundred million or more dogs around the world.
  • The United States has the highest population of dogs in the world.
  • Dogs have lived with humans for approximately for over fourteen thousand years.
  • The average dog can run about nineteen miles per hour.
  • Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth averaging at a speed of forty five miles per hour.
  • The most popular breed of dog in the United States is a Labrador retriever.
  • Dogs smelling sense is greater than one thousand times better than a human.
  • Dog urine can help other dogs determine whether the dog is leaving a male/female or young/old or healthy/sick or angry/happy type of message.
  • Dogs are as smart as a three year old and can understand between 150 and 200 words or signals.
  • The beagle and collie are known to be the nosiest dogs.
  • The most intelligent dogs are known to be the Poodle and Border Collie.
  • The least intelligent dogs are the Basenji and Afghan hound.
  • There are many great and interesting facts about dogs which makes them very unique.
Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, +Julian Peckich DVM  are happy to welcome new pets to the animal clinic.  Pet vaccinations, dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations available.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Killer Whale J2 is 103 Years Old!

The world's oldest orca killer whale is estimated to be 103 years old according to Michael Harris, Director of Pacific Whale Watch Association as quoted in the The Province.
Oldest Orca Known Spotted off the Coast of Canada
The orca, J2, also known as Granny is healthy, as her pod traveled over 800 miles in a little over a week.

J2 has been identified  by a white marking on her back and a notch located on her fin, and her age estimated based on her offspring's ages.  She has been identified in photos from the 1930's.

The life span is significant, since it has never been mirrored in captivity. Many are boycotting SeaWorld for its profiteering of orcas and other marine animals.

Monday, May 12, 2014

African Songbird Sounds a Fake Alarm to Steal Food

Drongo's, and African songbird imitates other species, including insects to scare them away and steal food
Steal, Cheat and Lie for Food
according to research at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. "They're rather demonic little black birds with red eyes, a hooked beak and a forked tail," says evolutionary biologist, Tom Flower.

researched studied the songbird at the Kuruman River Reserve in the South African Kalahari desert for six months.  It was found that 23% of their food comes from sounding fake signals followed by theft.  Researcher say the birds announce when predators are coming, but also send out fake warnings.  Although all animals eavesdrop on each other's calls, the Drongo sends out fake signals to intentionally deceive.

Other animals are not sure whether the calls are genuine or a rouse, as some animals become aware of the fraud and stop responding to the bird. The tricky Drongo, then selects a different call to deceive.

Drongo in Austraila is slang for idiot, however the name does not fit the intellect.  Red-eyed Drongo's are very bright.  The deception racket is biggest in the winter months when flies aren't around.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and +Julian Peckich DVM are happy to accept new pets to the animal clinic, pet clinic for general pet care, pet vaccinations, dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations and more.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Your Scent Makes Your Dog Happy!

It's been scientifically proven that a dog loves an owner's scent over others, thanks to research published in the latest
Your Dog Loves Your Scent
issue of Behavioral Process.  Brain scans from 12 dogs proved a highly positive association towards their owner's scent over other scents.

Dogs have more powerful olfactory scenses than humans according to Berns, the Director of the Center for Neuropolicy at Emory University. While 12 dogs were being scanned by the MRI, they were presented with  different scents.

1. scent of an unfamiliar canine
2. a familiar canine that lives in the household
3. an unfamiliar person
4. a person in the dog's household (not the handler that brought the dog)

The experiment excluded the scent from a handler or dog present in the same room where the experiment took place.

All five scents elicited a similar response in the brains of the dogs.  However, the owner's scent elicited the strongest response, followed by that of a familiar dog.

Dogs love familiar scents, especially that of the owners.  If you leave your dog, put your scent in their bed. They will love it.

+Marietta Vet Clinic AND +Julian Peckich DVM welcome new animals to the pet clinic for affordable pet vaccinations, vaccine clinics for dogs,vaccine clinics for cats, clinic & house calls available,i-home pet euthanasia, general wellness exams, medical relief for sick animals, spay and neuter clinic, pet teeth cleaning. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Names needed for Rare White Bengal Tiger Triplets

Zoo looking for Names for Three Month Bengal Tiger Triplets
Bengal White Tiger Cub
Three month old triplet Bengal white tigers are in need of names according to the Buenos Aires Zoo.  Since their public debut, the zoo has been swamped with over 5,000 suggestions placed in the box.

The stunningly beautiful trio have piercing blue eyes and beautiful coats. Two female cubs are white with black stripes and the male is almost pure white.

They were a second set of cubs born December 23, to mother, Cleo and Father, Rhiano. The original cubs were taken to another zoo, and these cubs will probably follow suit.

The cubs weighed 2 pounds at birth and currently weigh about 13 pounds each. They will breast feed for two more months and discontinuing at five months old.  They currently eat a kilogram of meat a day.

The cubs exotic beautiful coloring is a result of both parents having a recessive gene for the white coloration. Although beautiful, they are rare in the wild, due to inability to blend in while catching prey.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM offer affordable pet vaccinations in Marietta, GA for both dogs and cats alike.  It would be their great pleasure to welcome your pet to the clinic for pet vaccinations, dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, pet sick care, pet microchipping, dog teeth cleaning, cat teeth cleaning, spay and neuter and more.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Pooper Scooper in Town- Sergeant Scooper

Over time pets can create quite the mess outside.

Good news for the Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth,
Dog Pooper Scooper Service in Marietta, GA
Powder Springs and Dallas, GA area;  a pet pooper scooper is in town called Sergeant Scooper.

1-800-dog-poop will clean up your dogs mess in the yard, so you don't have to pick it up yourself.  "Call the Serg, we do the doo for you," is their motto.

Guard your family against E.coli, Ringworm, Salmonella and other organisms found in pet waste.

Sergeant Scooper can even disinfect and deodorize the lawn with an environmentally friendly disinfectant for a better smelling yard, and it's listed as safe around children and the pets.  It kills bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, and eliminates odor.

Odor elimination for dog runs, patios, decks and other hard surfaces.

They have been in business for over six years, and are fully licensed and insured.  Both residential and commercial scooping services are available.

+Julian Peckich DVM and +Marietta Vet Clinic believe a clean yard is a healthier place for both your family and pets.  If you need to find a veterinarian in Marietta, GA, Marietta Vet Clinic welcomes new pets to the animal clinic.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stay Away From Dogs with Yellow Leashes or Something Yellow Tied to the Leash

My Yellow Leash Means I'm Not Nice
Everyone understands that not all pets are friendly. Most have encountered a dog less than happy to see us.

There's something that everyone can do to help forewarn others their dog does not like strangers. 

Use a yellow leash or tie something yellow to the leash if your dog is not very nice. This tells others that your dog needs space from both people and pets, so do not approach.  Maintaining a distance is important until the dog moves away.

Not all dogs are aggressive that need space.  Many just need space as a reaction to fear, pain or other issues.  It's always important to contact a trainer if you dog displays unwanted behaviors.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Sold for $1.9 Million

The amazing price of almost $1.9 million dollars was paid for a Tibetan mastiff puppy in China.  It is
Tibetan Mastiff (not the one sold)
the most expensive dog sale ever recorded.  The "luxury pet" has been said to have lion's blood, and is considered a top line stud by breeders. 

A Tibetan mastiff has an enormous main resembling a lion making it quite popular.  It's considered a status symbol among the Chinese wealthy, and the fact they are very rare has given rise to the demand and prices paid.  They are valued much like pandas.  However, it has been speculated that the rise in prices was due to breeder insider agreements to intentionally raise prices.

The breed is considered loyal and protective.  They were used by nomadic tribes in central Asia and Tiber for hunting.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patti's 2014 Event to Help The Tigg Neuter Project Spay and Neuter

Help a sad situation by joining in on the "Gone to the Dogs" spay and neuter event at +Verde Pointe Dental

Associates and +Marietta Vet Clinic this St. Patti's Day 2014.  

Doctors and staff at both offices will don St. Patti's attire and offer green cookies for anyone making a donation to the Tigg Neuter Project.  The monies will be used to spay and neuter both dogs and cats from Cobb County, reducing the number of unwanted, healthy pets euthanized.  

If all goes well, the event will be annual. Marietta dentists, Dr. +Kirk Kimmerling DDS +Suzanna Aguilera and Garrick McGrath from Verde Pointe Dental Associates, as well as Marietta veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM from Marietta Vet Clinic will participate.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Three Cheers to Indonesia for Issuing a Fatwah Against Endangered Animal Trafficking

A Fatwa or edict was issued by a top Muslim clerical body in Indonesia against endangered wildlife trafficking.  The
Fatwah Issued in Indonesia Against Endangered Wildlife Trafficking
Indonesian Council of Ulama, declared illegal hunting or trading of endangered species forbidden.  Passages from the Koran were called into action protecting tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans and other wildlife.

The guidance is for all Muslims in a country with the largest Muslim population in the world.  It's considered a supplement to Indonesian law from a sharia law perspective.

Interestingly enough, the fatwah applies not only to people, but the government as well.  It specifically calls upon the government to review permits issued to companies that harm the environment and endangered species.

Since, criminal wildlife trafficking syndicates are increasing violent, and it's an unprecedented time of wildlife crime, the fatwah couldn't come at a better time.    

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February is Pet Dental Health Month

A pet's oral hygiene has a direct correlation to life expectancy.  A healthy mouth can increase a pet's life up
February is Pet Dental Health Month
to two years according to studies. February is Pet Dental Health Month, so it's the perfect time to schedule your dog's dental cleaning and exam.

"Many dogs show disease well before they show symptoms," says +Julian Peckich DVM , veterinarian at +Marietta Vet Clinic.  "Cleaning your dog's teeth can reduce the chances of developing oral disease, bad breath and tooth loss."

Let's take a look at some of the signs dental disease can display in a pet.

1. Bad breath
2. Excessive drooling
3. Changes in eating habits
4. Pawing at the mouth

Poor oral health can lead to kidney disease and heart disease.  Bacteria in a dog's mouth, just like people can buildup and enter the blood stream wreaking havoc to overall health.

Here are some of the ways to help your pet have a healthier mouth during dental health month.

1. Begin a routine of brushing your dog's teeth daily using toothpaste designed for dogs. These toothpastes have special flavoring that dogs find more appealing.   Keep initial brushing gentle and only a few seconds working up to a minute per day.

2. Many products are made targeting plaque, bacteria and tartar in the mouth for pets.  Rinses, water additives, bones for chewing and and treats especially made for controlling plaque.

3.  Feed your pet hard kibbles. Soft, moist dog food does not remove plaque.

4. Have a veterinarian decide if your pet should have its teeth cleaned.  The visit can ensure your pet does not have bothersome teeth.

February is a good month to call the veterinarian and have your pet evaluated.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Many Ways to Help Support Southeastern Guide Dogs

If you know someone that is visually impaired, a guide dog can make a difference for a
Marietta Vet Clinic Supports the Visually Impaired
more independent and happy life.  Southeastern Guide Dog's mission is to "create and nurture a partnership between a visually impaired individual and a guide dog, facilitating life's journey with mobility, independence and dignity."  

Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc, is a nonprofit organization accredited by the International Guide Dog Federation in Reading, England and a member of the Council of U.S. Dog Guide Schools.  Their main mission to partner highly trained dogs with the visually impaired individuals. Students train for 26 days in the Palmetto, Florida campus by venturing into the city streets, shopping malls and public transportation, a freeing experience. The school has provided the gift of an independence for over 30 years. All of their services are provided free of charge the recipient thanks to the generosity of people like you.

How can you help?

1. Give a one time donation or re-occurring donation.
2. Join one of their 2014 Walkathons, the biggest fundraisers of the year (
3.  Own a business?  Participate in the RoundUp4 GuideDogs (tm).  Participating restaurants and stores simply offer their customers the chance to round up their bill to the next dollar.
4.  Purchase a commemorative engraved brick. 
5.  Your organization, company, school or group can host a unique event with the proceeds benefiting Southeastern Guide Dogs.
6.  Donate a no longer needed car.  Southeastern Guide Dogs will even pick it up.
7.  Volunteer by raising a puppy
8.  None of these fit you, call Southeastern Guide Dogs and suggest how you can help.

Facts about Southeastern Guide Dog.

1. The 35 acre campus has provided dogs to people for over 30 years. More than 2,800 guide dog teams have existed since inception, and over 410 active guide dog partnerships exist currently.
2. All guide dogs meet rigorous medical and behavioral standards before being paired.
3. Canines can also be placed with visually impaired children ages 10-17, used as public service dogs (rescue, arson, bombs or drug detection) or act as an ambassador providing outreach for education and comfort to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and schools.  
4.Therapy dogs are placed into military hospitals to spread cheer and encouragement.
5. Approximately 50 breeder dogs from the Labrador, Golden retriever and Labrador/Golden retriever mix.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian  +Julian Peckich DVM support organizations that help others and animals alike.  

To contact Southeastern Guide Dogs;

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pet Odor and Your Car- The Answer

Taking the family pet along for a car ride is fun until your pet has an accident, or the car begins to smell like dog.  Removing
Rid Your Car of the  Dreaded Dog Smell
 the odor can be more difficult than vacuuming, sprays, air fresheners or airing out. Cars can retain strong pet odors that eventually return even after a thorough cleaning. Pet odors not only penetrate the seats, carpet, and ceilings but the ventilation system. This is more difficult to clean.

It's a good idea to have your car professionally cleaned at a reputable auto shop once in a while. This can go a long way to keeping your car looking newer and smelling fresh.  Professionals can clean the interior with expert ability to rid the ventilation, under the seat and upholstery smells.  It's well worth a professional job, as they can bomb the car with chlorine dioxide to rid the smell.

What does chlorine dioxide do?

1. It decontaminates, disinfects and deodorizes the interior safely.
2. It's patented, EPA approved to control growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses.
3. Chlorine dioxide is easy to use, and is a safe and powerful antimicrobial vapor.
4. It can eliminates chemical compounds that cause odor.

If you live in Atlanta, GA and need your car detailed and smelling better, try Marietta Veterinarian,  +Julian Peckich DVM and +Marietta Vet Clinic want you to enjoy car rides with your pet.