Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Recycling Feeds Stray Dogs and Cats in Istanbul

It's a new concept aimed at getting people to recycle and feed the local stray dogs.  Recycling
machines are now accepting people's bottles in Istanbul, Turkey and dispensing dog food and water at the bottom.  A company called Pugedon has been granted permission to accept bottle for recycle to pay for the dog food dispensed for strays at the bottom.

The new machine is aimed at feeding an overwhelming number of stray dogs and cats roaming the city.  With over 150,000 stray animals, Pugedon uses the profits to feed the animals.  Many local residents take upon themselves to also feed the dogs and cats.  

The machine is quite simple.  Every time someone dispenses a bottle, food automatically dispenses out the bottom. 

Strays in Instanbul have been a considerable problem for years.  Currently, authorities round up the cats and dogs for animal vaccinations, spay and neuter, then releases them back to the community.  Many of the residents enjoy the animals and others find them a nuisance.

The machines are not funded by the government, but by donations of bottles alone.  Perhaps the rest of the world could copy the novel idea.

Marietta Vet Clinic, veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM applaude Pugedon for taking care of the stray cats and dogs in Istanbul.