Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Your Scent Makes Your Dog Happy!

It's been scientifically proven that a dog loves an owner's scent over others, thanks to research published in the latest
Your Dog Loves Your Scent
issue of Behavioral Process.  Brain scans from 12 dogs proved a highly positive association towards their owner's scent over other scents.

Dogs have more powerful olfactory scenses than humans according to Berns, the Director of the Center for Neuropolicy at Emory University. While 12 dogs were being scanned by the MRI, they were presented with  different scents.

1. scent of an unfamiliar canine
2. a familiar canine that lives in the household
3. an unfamiliar person
4. a person in the dog's household (not the handler that brought the dog)

The experiment excluded the scent from a handler or dog present in the same room where the experiment took place.

All five scents elicited a similar response in the brains of the dogs.  However, the owner's scent elicited the strongest response, followed by that of a familiar dog.

Dogs love familiar scents, especially that of the owners.  If you leave your dog, put your scent in their bed. They will love it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Names needed for Rare White Bengal Tiger Triplets

Zoo looking for Names for Three Month Bengal Tiger Triplets
Bengal White Tiger Cub
Three month old triplet Bengal white tigers are in need of names according to the Buenos Aires Zoo.  Since their public debut, the zoo has been swamped with over 5,000 suggestions placed in the box.

The stunningly beautiful trio have piercing blue eyes and beautiful coats. Two female cubs are white with black stripes and the male is almost pure white.

They were a second set of cubs born December 23, to mother, Cleo and Father, Rhiano. The original cubs were taken to another zoo, and these cubs will probably follow suit.

The cubs weighed 2 pounds at birth and currently weigh about 13 pounds each. They will breast feed for two more months and discontinuing at five months old.  They currently eat a kilogram of meat a day.

The cubs exotic beautiful coloring is a result of both parents having a recessive gene for the white coloration. Although beautiful, they are rare in the wild, due to inability to blend in while catching prey.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Pooper Scooper in Town- Sergeant Scooper

Over time pets can create quite the mess outside.

Good news for the Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth,
Dog Pooper Scooper Service in Marietta, GA
Powder Springs and Dallas, GA area;  a pet pooper scooper is in town called Sergeant Scooper.

1-800-dog-poop will clean up your dogs mess in the yard, so you don't have to pick it up yourself.  "Call the Serg, we do the doo for you," is their motto.

Guard your family against E.coli, Ringworm, Salmonella and other organisms found in pet waste.

Sergeant Scooper can even disinfect and deodorize the lawn with an environmentally friendly disinfectant for a better smelling yard, and it's listed as safe around children and the pets.  It kills bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, and eliminates odor.

Odor elimination for dog runs, patios, decks and other hard surfaces.

They have been in business for over six years, and are fully licensed and insured.  Both residential and commercial scooping services are available.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stay Away From Dogs with Yellow Leashes or Something Yellow Tied to the Leash

My Yellow Leash Means I'm Not Nice
Everyone understands that not all pets are friendly. Most have encountered a dog less than happy to see us.

There's something that everyone can do to help forewarn others their dog does not like strangers. 

Use a yellow leash or tie something yellow to the leash if your dog is not very nice. This tells others that your dog needs space from both people and pets, so do not approach.  Maintaining a distance is important until the dog moves away.

Not all dogs are aggressive that need space.  Many just need space as a reaction to fear, pain or other issues.  It's always important to contact a trainer if you dog displays unwanted behaviors.

Interested in knowing more, contact

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