Thursday, April 16, 2015

Animals That Hoard

Many animal hoard, just like people.  Hamsters, woodpeckers, squirrels, dogs, etc. will hoard, save and guard excesses for a time when things are not as plentiful. Animals hoard food, toys, bedding, bones, etc and even unnecessary items. Interestingly, many animals are particularly wary being watched when hoarding, weary of a raid from another animal later.
All mine!

Have you ever seen a dog chew a bone while laying on another, or a hamster with cheeks full of food?

The term hoarding is typically used to describe rodents, and caching typically used for birds.

Animals store up food with two types of behavior.  Larder hoarding is when an animal puts and defends food in a few large stashes, making the consequence of a raid more devastating.  Scatter hoarding is where an animal stores food items in individual places.  Have you ever heard about squirrel starving because it can not remember where the food was hid?  Scatter hoarding requires a better memory.

If you have a dog that hoards toys, Marietta Vet Clinic can offer advice on relieving stress for the dog and keeping the home a happier place.  For some dogs, leaving out one toy at a time is a quick and easy solution for guarding.  Rotate the toys every couple of days to give the dog variety. This technique can relieve many dogs for a more peaceful existence.

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