Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let's Meet Some Short Spine Syndrome Dogs

Although rare, short spine syndrome dogs do exist. Also known as baboon syndrome, there are five in United States; Alabama, Florida, Maryland, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin with two in Italy.  New York. Ohio. Wisconsin.  Let's meet Pig, Cuda and Quasi Modo.

Quasi Modo
Cuda     Picture by Julie LaRoy

Short spine syndrome in dogs is a sever shortening of the spine due to compression, as the carleage does not harden to form bone. Some vertebrae are fused together making the spine less flexible with a normal size head close to the shoulder blades giving the appearance of no neck.

The animals back slopes downward towards its back legs, with a short, low set, twisted tail close to the ground.  Limbs are of normal size but incorrectly positioned, as the knee and elbow joints point outward.  The lower half of the abdominal looks abnormally large with a considerably compressed rib cage and reduction in the number of ribs.

Although these dogs have a difficult time in running, jumping and eating, they usually live out of normal lifespan.