Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Doggy Dating Show is a Big Hit in China

Chinese TV's Jiang Su TV has a doggy dating hit television show on their hands. 
The first dating show for dogs has proven a big hit in the country.  It's a spinoff from a human dating show, but for dogs.  The matchmaker program is out to impress other dogs and the owners.  Canines are dressed up while displaying special talents to put their best foot forward. Ironically, the dog's home and family life is apart of the show to help make the best choice. 

Special guests and judges keep the show lively, as the ratings are and have stayed high.  The Chinese are thrilled with the new show, as it's success is apparent.  It can be watched online at JSTV.

Perhaps the show will turn into a spinoff in the United States.  It's a way to have fun with the animals in which we share the world. 

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Rescue Dogs Make the Best Sport Pals

Dogs Make Great Companions for Sporting Events
It's fall, and for many of us, the sports season has begun. If you are not the type to go to the games because you don't  like crowds, don't have the extra money, transportation, or just prefer to watch at home, this Marietta veterinarian has a suggestion for you. 

Get a rescue dog to share the games. No better friend than a dog to scream, hoot and holler with during the exciting moments. Animals of all sizes will love the weekly activity.

Adopting is the best way to get the best sports buddy you'll ever have.

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