Friday, April 26, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Can a Cat Get Angry and Hold a Grudge Asks the Marietta Vet Clinic

Anyone that owns a cat will tell you they are independent, but many people believe cats have the ability to remember both the good and bad that happens to them.  In fact, some believe they have the ability to hold a grudge.

The Marietta Vet Clinic is interested in what cat owners have to say about their pet.  Is your cat intelligent enough to hold a grudge?  Let's take a look at some facts.

Cats have the same lobe in their cerebral cortex as humans. This part of the brain is called the seat of intelligence which explains a cat's ability to remember both pleasurable and  non-pleasurable events such as mealtime or an abrupt shooing away. Would a cat's intelligence make him smart enough to hold a grudge?

So it's been said a cat's memory is up to 16 hours in comparison to a dog's five minute memory span.  Does this ability demonstrate enough intelligence for a cat to maintain a sour disposition because of a grudge?

Interesting research points to what many cat owners think. Do cats remember and have the ability to hold a grudge?  If you think your cat is mad at you, you may be right.

The Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM invite cats to join it's animal clinic in Marietta, GA.   It would be their great pleasure to have you join the family.    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cats and Dogs Alike Give Marietta Vet Clinic Excellent Reviews

Marietta Vet Clinic, Julian Peckich DVM and staff would like to thank our pet owners for the five star reviews written.

It was our great pleasure to serve you and your pets. We thank you for your trust and confidence, and most of all referrals. You and your pet are our top priority!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dogs and Owners Both Need a Good Night's Rest

If it's bedtime in your house and your dog insists on sleeping on your bed, you may not be getting the rest you need. Dogs can be quite pushy leaving people tired and unable to get a good nights sleep. The solution is to train a dog to sleep separately from the first day it arrives at your home.  Establishing where everyone sleeps from the start will make both you and your dog happier in the long run.  Just like children, pets do not know what's best for them, and as a owner you need to make good decisions that benefit you both.

The best place for a new dog to sleep is in a crate.  Most new dogs needs to have a safe place to call their own, and a crate accommodates that need too.  It helps establish sleep time rules and gives them a place they can feel safe in their new environment.

Remember, If you are crowded in bed, so is your dog. Once a crate is routine, you'll both be better off.  If you are looking for more information on specific dog training troubles, schedule an appointment with Marietta Vet Clinic, and +Julian Peckich DVM would be happy to suggest training techniques.  If you need to find a veterinarian, a local veterinarian and are in Marietta, GA, look no further.  You have found us.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Verde Pointe Condominium Association Is a Health Park

If you live in West Cobb, Marietta, Verde Pointe Condominium Association is the perfect place to make your medical home. There is medical care for the whole family and pets alike. It offers a  +Kirk Kimmerling DDS, cosmetic and emergency dentist, Michael Rossitch DDS - children's dentist, Ranan Stimpson DO-optometrist,  William McLendon DDS-orthodontist, William Sisk MD- pediatrician, Resurgeons-orthopaedic surgeons, and +Julian Peckich DVM, veterinarian.

It's a place where families and pets get much of their medical needs fulfilled.