Monday, December 22, 2014

Cancer Survivor Credits Dog for Survival

Cancer survivor credits a rescue hound dog for living through cancer to become a survivor.  Ms. Julie Risoldi has a theory of survival that goes like this.

"I'm not saying the love of a dog can save everyone from cancer spreading, but I do believe that the endorphins produced when hugging a furry friend creates a positive atmosphere inside the body that helps tremendously," says Ms. Risoldi.  My dog Willie D. made my journey more bearable.  I love his big brown eyes, and they gave me joy in a time when I really needed it.

People with cancer can become depressed when facing chemo, radiation, surgery and the gaunt of impending stressful testing.  The body produces stress hormones in response.  Ms. Risoldi believes when hugging an animal, the response is good for the body helping it to fight cancer.

Her conclusion:  Everyone needs something furry to snuggle during cancer.  Animals intrinsically know when someone is sick and suffering, and many offer the love necessary.

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