Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of Life Decisions for Your Precious Pet

End of Life Decisions for Your Precious Pet
Older Pets
If your pet is aging and you are having trouble deciding on when to say goodbye, +Marietta Vet Clinic  can help you during this difficult time.  Quality of life for many pets is relative, so veterinarian, +Julian Peckich DVM  can help your decision making process. 

+Marietta Vet Clinic offers a Kennesaw, Acworth, Dallas, Powder Springs and Marietta mobile veterinary clinic for people and pets that need to remain at home. We can accommodate most needs during this vulnerable time in life.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Animals, People and the Joy

Are you considering a pet?  Animals and people can share true friendship when there's mutual respect and love.  The Marietta Vet Clinic believes animals bring great joy to the lives of people, and are integral parts of families and the joy life brings.  Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian, +Julian Peckich DVM are happy to answer questions and offer suggestions on having a pet.  True friendship between animals, dogs, cats and people is not only highly rewarding, but a joy some people shouldn't miss.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Multiple Pets in a Home

There are benefits to multiple pets in a home.  Many dogs and cats, just like people enjoy the companionship and comfort another animal brings.  With a few exceptions, pets are usually happier with other pets.  Pets not only entertain one another, but they can reduce feelings of separation anxiety and for some, the dreaded feeling of being alone. An additional dog or cat can give existing animals a sense of well-being. However, the added investment needed to care for another pet should always be considered in advance.  Food, grooming, boarding and veterinary care should be a part of the family budget.

There are many reasons for adding a pet.  In addition to companionship, another animal can help revitalize an aging pet.  Older dogs come to life and move more, inadvertently exercising and resulting in better health.

Let's take a look at a few things to consider when adding another pet for a smoother, calmer transition.

1. Take in consideration the health and age of existing pets.  An additional younger pet can pester an older         animal mercilessly, causing undue and continual stress.

2. Consider choosing a breed that will work well with the pets you already have.  If you have an active dog,
    perhaps another active dog would work.

3. Make sure you pets new and old are up to date on pet vaccinations and parasite screening.  

4.  Check compatibility of your new pet with your old pet. It's best to have pets meet for the first time outside the home.  Perhaps a park would be a good place.  Try to walk the dogs together, sometimes, this can help calm anxiety.  If all goes well, have both animals meet in the cul-de-sac or area in front of the house.  Eventually move to the front lawn if all goes well.  These meetings should help both animals to better be at ease at an in-house meeting.

5.  Remember to give positive reinforcement when the animals act positively towards one another.  This lets them know you think it's OK they are together.

After adopting a pet, make sure to give both new and old pets plenty of time and love. If behavioral problems arise, Marietta Vet Clinic, and veterinarian +Julian Peckich DVM  will be happy to discuss any specific issues.  Pet generally are happier with others and with a little effort, it usually can be achieved.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Activities for a Bored Dog

If you are looking to cure your dog from boredom, these few suggestions could mean a lot to your dog.  A little getting out of the house and exercise can help a dog stay healthy and happy.  The Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM would like to help.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Join Marietta Vet Clinic to Help Support Animals

It is the great pleasure of Julian Peckich DVM and Marietta Vet Clinic to become a sponsor of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  The animal clinic supports HSUS because of their progress for the sake of animals across the United States.  HSUS is there for animals in a multitude of ways such as raiding dog-fighting rings, rescuing hurricane and flood animals, feeding starving horses from western wildfires, rescuing exotic animals from roadside zoos and much more.  Supporters, like Marietta Vet Clinic helped HSUS rescue or care for more than 100,000 animals last year.

"Marietta Vet Clinic has done a small part in helping HSUS.  As our pet clinic grows, it is our intention to help more," says Dr. Peckich, veterinarian at the clinic.  "We believe in the vision of the society and plan to stay connected."  HSUS has 11 milllion inspiring visits to their website and 2,783 attendees at their 2012 Taking Action for Animals and Animal Care Expo Conferences, 1.6 million facebook fans, 1+ million reads of All Animals, 9.3 million viewings of the HSUS videos and 1+ million viewing of  "Sandbox'" a national PSA promoting shelter adoptions produced by The Shelter Pet Project.  Multitudes of events and contests for fundraising have been established.  

Nothing's more touching than the rescuing and providing healing and sanctuary to animals in need.  

You may ask yourself, how can you help?  The simplest way is to donate.  Even a one-time gift can make a difference.  If you are able, monthly gifts by credit card or bank account can be set up.  Donations of old cars, trucks and boats can be given that benefit HSUS.  Further details are available online at or by calling 866-720-2676.

You can make a difference in the life of an animal.