Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Names needed for Rare White Bengal Tiger Triplets

Zoo looking for Names for Three Month Bengal Tiger Triplets
Bengal White Tiger Cub
Three month old triplet Bengal white tigers are in need of names according to the Buenos Aires Zoo.  Since their public debut, the zoo has been swamped with over 5,000 suggestions placed in the box.

The stunningly beautiful trio have piercing blue eyes and beautiful coats. Two female cubs are white with black stripes and the male is almost pure white.

They were a second set of cubs born December 23, to mother, Cleo and Father, Rhiano. The original cubs were taken to another zoo, and these cubs will probably follow suit.

The cubs weighed 2 pounds at birth and currently weigh about 13 pounds each. They will breast feed for two more months and discontinuing at five months old.  They currently eat a kilogram of meat a day.

The cubs exotic beautiful coloring is a result of both parents having a recessive gene for the white coloration. Although beautiful, they are rare in the wild, due to inability to blend in while catching prey.

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