Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fourth of July Can Stink for Dogs But A Few Tips Can Help

Your Dog  and the Fourth of July
Although the Fourth of July is festive and full of celebration for people, generally it's not the best day of the year for the family dog.  More pets are lost on the Fourth of July, than any other day in the year, and shelters are a busy place every July 5th.

A few simple tips can ensure a good holiday for both people and pets.

1. Leave your pet at home for the festivities.  There's
    not many pets that enjoy the loud firecrackers.

2. Take the dog out for exercise early in the day before the party begins.

3. Make sure your dog has a tag with updated information.

4. Keep your dog away from fireworks, glow sticks and festive decorations.  Many dogs will ingest festivities with dire consequences.

5. Have friends play with the dog away from the grill preventing an accident.

6. Keep a current photo on hand of your dog for flyers and social media.

7. Keep your dog hydrated, as they can suffer heat strokes, much like people.

All and all, the Fourth of July and pets generally don't mix well.  It's best to keep the family dog home, close the drapes, blinds and go by yourself.  Pets generally do not associate the noise, flashes and loud bangs of fireworks with fun.  If you need a veterinarian in Marietta, +Marietta Vet Clinic and Marietta veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM would be happy to see your pet.