Thursday, June 20, 2013

Take Your Dog to the Dentist

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterianian Julian Peckich DVM and dentist, Kirk Kimmerling DDS have announced a partnership in the Verde Pointe Condominium Complex.  Both professionals work in close proximity to one another, and have decided it would be convenient for many people to drop their dog or cat off at the veterinarian, and then head on for a dental appointment.

"It's my pleasure to work with Marietta Vet Clinic, as my patients like the convenience," says Dr. Kimmerling.

Appointments can be made for Dr. Kimmerling 3698 Largent Way NW Ste 202, Marietta, GA  30064 by calling 770-423-4900, and appointments for Dr. Peckich at the Marietta Vet Clinic 3696 Largent Way #400 Marietta, GA  30064  by calling 404-919-5150.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Things Our Pets Do

Pets can do the funniest things that warm your heart. Across the internet, the latest craze is to publish a picture of a dog or cat with a sign declaring something they've done wrong. It's all meant for fun. 

Marietta Vet Clinic is happy to post these comical pictures on this blog and across the internet if you have one you'd like to share. Please never jeopardize your pet or yourself for the sake of a funny picture. 

"Animals are the best, and we enjoy the silly humor of pet owners," says Ashley Peckich, Office Assistant at the Marietta Vet Clinic. 

The animal clinic is now accepting pictures of owners and pets with one or two sentences about the picture to publish.  If you want your pet to be a veterinary star, perhaps Marietta Vet Clinic can help.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keep Your Precious Pet a Healthy Weight

It's a known fact that pets are healthier and live longer when they maintain a healthy weight. Since many pets need to shed the extra pounds, Marietta Vet Clinic and +Julian Peckich DVM, veterinarian offer a suggestion.

Dogs and cats alike look forward to snacks and meal time, so it's difficult to change the amount of times a day they expect to eat. The answer is to gradually reduce the portions they receive. Cut snacks in half, but continue the ritual at the same time. If portions are lessened slowly, your pet will be none the wiser.

Getting your pet a healthy weight can be achieved with a little forethought and effort.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wendy Needs a Home

Marietta Vet Clinic and Julian Peckich DVM, veterinarian have announced the "Find Wendy a  Home Campaign."  Wendy is a 20 month female dog weighing 35 lbs in need of her forever home.  She is a sweet animal that loves people and pets alike. Take a look at her picture and let the clinic know if she fits your life. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Funny Dog Story

Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, Julian Peckich DVM welcomed a cute black Pomeranian dog to the animal clinic. Mimi was a rescue to be adopted by a man named Ronnie. He decided to name the dog after his late grandmother, Mimi; the name he called his grandmother.

Ronnie decided Mimi was not a good fit, so the foster Mother decided to give her a forever home.  Mimi is a terrific companion to her other dog, Coco, also a Pomeranian.  Mimi knew her name, so it was kept.  Funny!