Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Three Cheers to Indonesia for Issuing a Fatwah Against Endangered Animal Trafficking

A Fatwa or edict was issued by a top Muslim clerical body in Indonesia against endangered wildlife trafficking.  The
Fatwah Issued in Indonesia Against Endangered Wildlife Trafficking
Indonesian Council of Ulama, declared illegal hunting or trading of endangered species forbidden.  Passages from the Koran were called into action protecting tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans and other wildlife.

The guidance is for all Muslims in a country with the largest Muslim population in the world.  It's considered a supplement to Indonesian law from a sharia law perspective.

Interestingly enough, the fatwah applies not only to people, but the government as well.  It specifically calls upon the government to review permits issued to companies that harm the environment and endangered species.

Since, criminal wildlife trafficking syndicates are increasing violent, and it's an unprecedented time of wildlife crime, the fatwah couldn't come at a better time.