Monday, March 16, 2015

Diabetes Sniffing Dog Alerts High and Low Blood Sugar

People suffering diabetes understand the importance of keeping blood sugar within limits. In 1999, a
man named Mark Ruefenacht suffered diabetes and after suffering an acute low blood sugar, he was alerted by a dog he was training for the blind.  The dog instinctively roused him from his drowsiness allowing him to get help.  This experience gave Mr. Ruefenacht the idea  to train a Labrador retriever named Armstrong to detect changes in blood sugar.  As a result, he founded Dogs4Diabetics, Inc, a non-profit organization that places dogs with people suffering type 1 diabetics.

Diabetes sniffing dogs can detect both high and low blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Until it is prevented and cured, a trained dog can improve the life of a person affected giving them peace of mind and something fuzzy to love.

If you suffer or know someone suffering from diabetes, a Dog4Diabetics may be for you.

+Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian, +Julian Peckich DVM are happy to help safe guard the health of your diabetic dog.  They understand the importance of keeping special dogs in tip top shape.  The animal clinic offers well and sick care for medical alert dogs.