Monday, December 9, 2013

Most Dogs Can Learn to Use a Pet Door Simplifying Life

Pet doors are considered unsafe my many people. They have come a long way, so there's reasons to take another look at why more and more people are using pet doors.  Dogs that use pet doors, love them and so will you.
Teach Your Dog to Use a Pet Door

Some electronic pet doors only open for your pet, alleviating the worry of wild animals entering the house, or unwanted people.  These particular doors allow your pet freely in and out, only in, or only out, or locked both ways. This is possible because pets wear a collar mounted device called an electronic key that allows the door to open only when the pet nears. 

Interestingly, some pet doors can accommodate glass sliding doors as well. 

People with a large dog are often afraid a large door can fit a human intruder.  If they understand the technology and the dog is friendly, they can enter the house. However, most pet owners have multiple dogs.  This usually persuades people to go elsewhere.  

There is a downside to a pet door, as some pets may be adverse to using it. Training, such as coaxing with treats or initially leaving it open may help.  It's possible a pet will refuse and never use the door.

In general, doggy doors have made both pet owners and pets happier, both dogs and cats.  Although, expensive, an automatic doggy door can make life happier and easier.

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