Friday, November 8, 2013

You Do Not Have to Clean-up Dog Mess!

Dogs and cats are the best, except when it’s time to clean up the mess in the yard.  That’s why Marietta Vet Clinic and veterinarian+Julian Peckich DVM has an effortless solution for dog owners living in the Marietta, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Dallas and Acworth, and West Cobb Area.  Canine Cleanup Dog Waste Removal is a pooper-scooper service available to complete the never-ending chore of cleanup.
There's a Pooper Scooper Service that Comes to the House!

The three main reasons people do not want to cleanup the dog mess.

1.  People are busy with work, children and everyday chores that put cleaning up on the back burner.
2.  Mobility issues for people can make cleaning up nearly impossible
3.  People find the chore too disgusting to complete.

Reasons to keep your yard mess free.

Did you know that some diseases can be passed from animals to humans?  Zoonotic infections, such as the parasitic roundworms called, Toxocara canis in dogs and T. Cati in cats infect an estimated 10,000 humans a year. The infection, Toxocariasis is a good enough reason to keep the yard clean. Small children are especially at risk.

Canine Cleanup Dog Waste Removal can fit you on one of their routes with an affordable one time cleanup fee, weekly or bi-weekly service, (every other week).  

First-Time Cleanup
One Dog Fee $20
Each Additional Dog $10

Weekly Service
One Dog Fee $12
Each Additional Dog $3

Bi-Weekly Service
One Dog Fee $19
Each Additional Dog $4

One Time Cleanup Fee
$50 Minimum for Up to One Hour Cleanup
Additional Time at $10 per 15 Minutes of Cleanup

Additional facts;
Mileage fee may apply. Customers can be called before every visit for a nominal fee.  All equipment is sanitized after every visit Commercial pricing available with free estimates. Deodorizing and disinfectant of lawns to kill bacteria and offensive odor is available.  Sprays do not harm the grass.

Contact or call 678-31-4376.

If any of these issues belong to you, keeping your yard clean has just become easier. 

Marietta Vet Clinic has no association with the cleanup service, nor makes any money on the service.  It, therefore does not guarantee any quality of service or intervene in customer disputes.