Monday, April 15, 2013

Dogs and Owners Both Need a Good Night's Rest

If it's bedtime in your house and your dog insists on sleeping on your bed, you may not be getting the rest you need. Dogs can be quite pushy leaving people tired and unable to get a good nights sleep. The solution is to train a dog to sleep separately from the first day it arrives at your home.  Establishing where everyone sleeps from the start will make both you and your dog happier in the long run.  Just like children, pets do not know what's best for them, and as a owner you need to make good decisions that benefit you both.

The best place for a new dog to sleep is in a crate.  Most new dogs needs to have a safe place to call their own, and a crate accommodates that need too.  It helps establish sleep time rules and gives them a place they can feel safe in their new environment.

Remember, If you are crowded in bed, so is your dog. Once a crate is routine, you'll both be better off.  If you are looking for more information on specific dog training troubles, schedule an appointment with Marietta Vet Clinic, and +Julian Peckich DVM would be happy to suggest training techniques.  If you need to find a veterinarian, a local veterinarian and are in Marietta, GA, look no further.  You have found us.